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Hunter vs. Deer

109 comments 3.2 29,375 views 14 years ago in Entertainment
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Hunter vs. Deer
Not really a fair fight.
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Friday 9/15/06 - 10:00:19 PM
geez its stepping on him
Friday 9/15/06 - 10:27:23 PM
Good for the Deer!
Friday 9/15/06 - 10:33:28 PM
dam hunter deserved it
Friday 9/15/06 - 10:45:30 PM
Yeah go deer!!
Saturday 9/16/06 - 12:20:38 AM
All you 'go deer' people Shut the hell up! Deer+good meat
Saturday 9/16/06 - 12:57:28 AM
On 9/15/2006 2:34:10 AM Drizzle wrote:
Why is his hunting buddy just taping him getting trampled to death rather than saving him? Fire a shot into the air, scare off the deer.

I'm not sure if this has been covered, or that you'll actually see this, but if you didn't notice, he was using a bow. That doesn't scare dear that are mad enough to attack you.

What he should have done is paniced less and grabbed it's antlers more.

Saturday 9/16/06 - 1:34:02 AM
You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Saturday 9/16/06 - 8:57:42 AM
fair to whom?
Saturday 9/16/06 - 10:45:13 AM
Friday, September 15, 2006 4:59:01 AM
"GO DEER! I Hate Hunters."

Maybe that's because you've never met one and understood what hunting is really like. There's a difference between hunters and poachers, you know, and PETA isn't always right.

Hey, I'm glad you said that, cause a few friends of mine love hunting men your age just for sport. It's so much fun! You understand what that kind of hunting is about right?

Saturday 9/16/06 - 11:28:30 AM
Lol Boxtop has got most of his posts from this one link. I sort of agree that they need to be hunted to keep their populations down, but that's only because humans have deforested most of their habitat. Without humans they would be fine for food and wouldn't starve if their numbers got high. I was cheering the deer on in that video by the way that hunter got the sh*t kicked out of him lololol lmao!!!!!!!!!
Saturday 9/16/06 - 11:43:57 AM
....ok, following my other post. I live outside of a small town. I've got two lots of farm land, a horse ranch and a forest as neighbors. That forest has a large river in it and I don't think that the deer mind the forest or the farm land since they're always out there eatting the stubbs. Deer just like to breed, granted some of they're land might have gone away over the last 100 years but just because you live in a city with no open land.

Yes, I live in Kansas...where we have more deer then people

Saturday 9/16/06 - 11:44:08 AM
It's only fair. The hunter had a gun and I presume a knife (hunters usually carry knives) and the deer pwnd him. Go deer. That hunter is just a giant pussy. I have nothing against hunting, I just think you have to be ready to deal with wild animals if you plan on shooting them. I just wish the deer had kilt him and hung his head on a tree. That would have been cool.
Saturday 9/16/06 - 12:23:15 PM
Watch 10 seconds of it and then turned it off. The music was one of the most horrid things I have EVER heard.
Saturday 9/16/06 - 12:26:35 PM
Dumb hunter
Saturday 9/16/06 - 1:02:01 PM
I'm betting that its fake. All you have to do is put deer scent on in mating season, you're basically ready for action.
Saturday 9/16/06 - 1:49:01 PM
That was really hilarious.
Saturday 9/16/06 - 7:27:18 PM
I'm not a vegitarian but I'm kind of on the deer's side. Maybe he tried to shoot a doe that just happened to be the deers girlfriend.
Saturday 9/16/06 - 8:20:59 PM
Wow... That deer wanted revenge but seriously, what type of an idiot films a guy getting trampled to death when the gun is right there?
Saturday 9/16/06 - 9:45:08 PM
good for him!
Sunday 9/17/06 - 12:12:58 AM
pooned like a coon



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