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Hunter vs. Deer

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Hunter vs. Deer
Not really a fair fight.
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Friday 9/15/06 - 1:43:00 PM
"We can only hope the deer killed him."

That's a disturbing point of view. So you like to see people die?

Friday 9/15/06 - 1:50:34 PM
Also, you guys know nothing about hunting. It seems to me that you all assume that hunting is unregulated and that all hunters like to hunt because they're stupid rednecks. I've actually talked to some hunters about it.

First, not all hunters hunt for a head on the wall. Most of them eat what they catch, or donate it to poor families. Second, hunters can't just hunt willy-nilly. They need an expensive license and the right equipment. And where do you think the money for that license goes? To forest conservation. Plus there are strict rules and regulations hunters must follow: ie, they can only hunt during certain seasons, and I think they can only kill bucks most of the time. I think there might be a season for does, but that's probably when they don't have any fawns to care for. Hopefully there's an experienced hunter among us that can elaborate on what I've said.

Friday 9/15/06 - 1:56:39 PM
Most hunters only hunt now days when the state asks them too because deer population is higher than it is safe. So why does everyone think he deserved it, he could have been help the entire deer population.

Disagree? Learn about a habitats carrying capacity.

Friday 9/15/06 - 1:58:54 PM
(in continuation to what I've said above)

I also think they have a certain quota of deer they can catch per season, but that's just a guess.

Plus I think that guy was pretty stupid. He was probably hunting out in the open and during mating season or some time when the bucks go berserk.

Don't get me wrong: I don't like hunting unless you're going to eat what you catch.

And if you think most of what I've said is bullcrap, ask the good folks down at PETA-Sucks. They'll be glad to remind you how stupid you are.

Of course, I've never hunted myself, just listened to what other hunters have told me, so I may be wrong about most of what I've said.

"Boxtop I'll take whatever opinion I like, and killing animals for 'sport' is disgusting."

I never said you can't have an opinion about something. Just be informed about it.

Friday 9/15/06 - 2:24:35 PM
It was staged for the Animals Attack show.
He sprayed himself with deer attractant and let himself be mauled for the sake of the camera.
That's why the person filming it did nothing.
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:51:41 PM
Hunters do suck. My neighbor's one. All he is is a useless alcoholic who'll randomly come back with dead animals in his truck. Hate having to go to his place because there's deer heads on the wall all over the place.

I hate hunters and hunting. And while I can understand it when necessary, I'd never do it and I wouldn't associate myself willingly with someone who does.

Friday 9/15/06 - 3:10:02 PM
Vindicate, speaking for hunters everywhere, I'd just like to say that we're all deeply hurt and emotionally drained to learn that you won't willingly associate with us. Please?!?! Please associate with us!!!
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:25:53 PM
Myself, I do hunt for sport. I admit it. But, think about what would happen if the deer population was not regulated. They would multiply so much that there would nt be enough land to feed them all. Then, by not having enough food, they would die from malnutrition or other things.

Also, when hunters bring there animals in, they are also tested to see if they have diseases and whatnot. By us hunting, we're keeping the population to a manageble number, and we are keeping animals much more healthy by tracking the spread of said diseases.

Also, those of us who hunt for sports generally also have the deer butchered and made into meats Thus, killing the deer is not a waste.

Well, that's all I've got to say. There are other reasons, but those are the big ones. Don't believe I'm telling the truth? Look it up on conservation websites. You'll see then

Friday 9/15/06 - 3:36:40 PM
haha wooo deers rule
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:41:13 PM
Yay deer!! Hunting for sport su cks!! People should only hunt if they need the food to survive.
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:49:30 PM
Pwned! Revolt of the Deer!!!!!
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:55:13 PM



Friday 9/15/06 - 3:59:12 PM
more idiots who dont know this video is about 7 yrs old !!!!!!!!!! for christ sake it aired on real tv.
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:01:37 PM
that guy was pwned. i can tell by the attack and having seen a few pwnage in my time.
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:17:12 PM
They played the wrong SOAD song for this video. The obvious choice would've been "Deer Dance"
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:29:45 PM
And the moral of the story is :

Don't piss off deers.

Friday 9/15/06 - 4:31:44 PM
That made me happy in more ways than I can count.
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:40:00 PM
On 9/15/2006 3:26:42 AM Mani-Jac wrote:
I'm surprised that it didn't used it's antlers, the guy would have been killed.....

That's what I was thinking. Anyway, I'm glad the deer won.
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:41:52 PM
Wuh-oh...Harry's being killed by a deer, I'd better call someone or help him out...ah what the hell *grabs camera*
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:41:58 PM
aww what a cute deer...

the guy screwed up the second he fell.


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