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Reporter gets hit by falling light

100 comments 2.9 44,999 views 13 years ago in Misc.
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Reporter gets hit by falling light
This is horrible.
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Friday 9/15/06 - 12:56:27 PM
lights out.
Friday 9/15/06 - 1:06:30 PM
Friday 9/15/06 - 1:14:31 PM
How the hell can you fake a studio light falling on one's head? Can some skeptical fool please explain that reasoning to me?
Friday 9/15/06 - 1:41:26 PM
looked fake at first, but quite funy when i saw the replays...
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:17:24 PM
It was thrown at her by a white lighting director.
Friday 9/15/06 - 2:49:48 PM
It looks fake, but if not I feel very sorry for her.
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:12:50 PM
ya it didnt hit her i looked closely like 10 times............ i know i need to get a life
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:20:17 PM
stop with the god darn "i have seen shops i can tell by the pixels" bullcrap. you people annoy me, and its not even hat funny.
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:25:48 PM
i wish i could do that when lights fall on me.. it just hurts me.. damn superwoman
Friday 9/15/06 - 3:34:05 PM
i HOPE thts fake lol
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:16:10 PM
Um, not real. un real i mean.
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:21:24 PM
Best use of slow motion ever. except from baywatch...
Friday 9/15/06 - 4:43:22 PM
Please read the posts if 8 hundred ppl write its fake please refrain from slso writing its fake
Friday 9/15/06 - 5:13:32 PM
Friday 9/15/06 - 5:20:32 PM
if you noticed the background it's more like a living room and not a studio. the litle info screen on the top right looks really crappy too. so...THA FAKE!!!11!!!!1
Friday 9/15/06 - 5:22:06 PM
and after she gets hit and is falling she continues to talk (slow mo). Guess she's really dedicated to her work...
Friday 9/15/06 - 5:26:57 PM
She looked like one of the crash dummies or something! She didn't look like a real human at all! Her hands and arms looked stiff...
Friday 9/15/06 - 5:32:45 PM
im leaning toward fake
Friday 9/15/06 - 5:34:20 PM
if this is real she is dead
Friday 9/15/06 - 6:00:57 PM
its fake, the first time i saw it i was like omg then when it replayed a while its a fake!

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