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Reporter gets hit by falling light

100 comments 2.9 45,014 views 13 years ago in Misc.
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Reporter gets hit by falling light
This is horrible.
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Friday 9/15/06 - 6:43:46 AM
oh, and there might not have been a light directly above her-someone could have been working on the lighting rigg above her, gone to hang the light and not secured it properly. Its extreemly rare for a light to just fall of the rigg-usually they have to have a steel cable round the main clamp by law.
Friday 9/15/06 - 7:01:19 AM
this can't be real. funny though
Friday 9/15/06 - 7:05:51 AM
yee i thinl fake.. but u gutta admit it was pretty dam funny..

the light looked new.. so they might have just dropped it from above

Friday 9/15/06 - 7:06:14 AM
Friday 9/15/06 - 7:06:51 AM
Friday 9/15/06 - 7:07:40 AM
i'm leaning toward the squirrel theory
Friday 9/15/06 - 7:33:26 AM
Gotta be fake. If it was real wouldn't it have been on the real news? Every time a journalist gets even a mosquito bite they put it on the news, especially if it happened in the Middle East.
Friday 9/15/06 - 7:56:50 AM
fake but funny
Friday 9/15/06 - 8:18:25 AM
Geez, that's kinda creepy.
Friday 9/15/06 - 8:20:34 AM
Gotta love people who think that's real. Sigh...Darwin is really falling behind the needed workload.
Friday 9/15/06 - 9:14:09 AM
Friday 9/15/06 - 9:15:25 AM
hope it's fake otherwise yea she would probably be dead
Friday 9/15/06 - 9:24:36 AM
Totally fake, if it was real, she would have fallen over, not just rolled her chair to the side. The slow motion makes it very easy to tell that it's fake.
Friday 9/15/06 - 10:10:59 AM
old ass repost
Friday 9/15/06 - 10:39:47 AM
what good does it make to repeat it's an old/fake post over and o ver and over again?
Friday 9/15/06 - 11:14:14 AM
lmao funny. That lady kinda scared me :(
Friday 9/15/06 - 11:19:08 AM
Friday 9/15/06 - 11:44:59 AM
Why do all theses news cast look so fake this website post? I made one at a museum that had a blue screen and all and it looked so real my friends used it as a prank
Friday 9/15/06 - 11:51:11 AM
eh, it was okay, and I hope it was fake, too, 'cause otherwise, she's got mutant reflexes and that light only weighed a few ounces, but, hell, it could've been real I suppose.
Friday 9/15/06 - 12:11:58 PM
has to be said....

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