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Reporter gets hit by falling light

100 comments 2.9 44,997 views 13 years ago in Misc.
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Reporter gets hit by falling light
This is horrible.
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Saturday 9/16/06 - 12:17:45 PM
umm look closely at the slow mo its kinda weird like the falling light was put in after its like it never really made real contact.. i believe its fake..
Saturday 9/16/06 - 4:10:36 PM
She doesn't change facial expressions

That was funny though

Saturday 9/16/06 - 4:34:25 PM
Saturday 9/16/06 - 4:35:27 PM
fake the light didnt even look like metal and the way she well, cmon
Saturday 9/16/06 - 7:03:00 PM
Saturday 9/16/06 - 7:37:44 PM
And even if it is real(which it isn't), so what? people die, that's life! In fact, i wish it WAS real.*continues to search for snuff films*
Saturday 9/16/06 - 8:39:24 PM
Saturday 9/16/06 - 8:43:21 PM
if a light hit you from above why yould you fall to the left?
Saturday 9/16/06 - 8:50:25 PM
this has to be fake, simply because ive wanted this to happen every single day the wetherman lied
Sunday 9/17/06 - 12:01:29 AM
Sunday 9/17/06 - 12:14:40 AM
She looked Like a robot when hit and slide away like she was butter. If it was real her head would go down and her mouth would fly open
Sunday 9/17/06 - 5:31:34 AM
Fake. Yeah. If you look at the light on her hands at the end. But yeah. HAHAAH.
That was pretty funny.
Sunday 9/17/06 - 7:52:25 AM

p.s HAHHAHAHAhahhahah
and that would be sore and not funny if it was real i have proven my point
i think

Thursday 9/21/06 - 5:01:26 AM
There must have been some kind of news story about this happening, if it's real. Hasn't anyone tried looking it up? Plainly not, so I will. Back in a bit....
Thursday 9/21/06 - 5:47:20 AM
Well, after seeing the clip (and much debating, similar to that on here) on,,, AND (my on-line Bible) (that's just debate in forums, the clip itself isn't there yet), I can safely say: Probably fake, but no proof yet!! There are lots of good points on both sides, but without confirmation from an independant source, the jury's out.
Thursday 9/21/06 - 3:46:38 PM
On the first run I thought it was fake, but the last slow-mo run got me thinking...

Still thinking it's fake though.

Monday 11/27/06 - 12:01:12 AM
lol at all the fake posts
Sunday 8/26/07 - 11:28:54 AM
haha... OWNED..

whoohoo 100 post!!


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