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10 Coolest Cell Phones

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10 Coolest Cell Phones
Just what I needed: a Perfume Phone.
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Tuesday 8/22/06 - 9:33:58 AM
I agree that cell phones are not even phones anymore. They should come up with a new name for them, like Electronic Devices for Entertainment and Communication (E-DECs).

Think of how it would be used in conversation:
"Hey, dude, can I borrow your E-DEC for a sec?"
"No way, man, I paid 500 frickin dollars for this thing!"

Tuesday 8/22/06 - 9:38:18 AM
Anyone ever seen the movie Ultraviolet? Don't, it sucks, but in the future, disposables phones (just like the flexible ones) are printed from a pay machine. Kind of an insight into the future. I just hope the future doesnt suck as much.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 10:29:11 AM
Yeah some of you pointed out that these phones just aren't becoming phones anymore! Some of them don't even look like phones that much.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 11:03:06 AM
All those phones are ugly! I wouldn't buy ANY of them!
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 11:07:06 AM
wow i loved that page there all well impressive
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 11:25:18 AM
I wudnt buy any of those phones myself lol.. but there are some interesting designs right there.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 11:36:32 AM
anyone know how much i can get a nokia 888 for?
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 11:41:20 AM
The Nokia ** is sexy

But is also a CONCEPT PHONE. Anyone who knows how to use google can find that out....

Concept means it hasn't been made, or maybe only 1 has been made, as a concept.

Tuesday 8/22/06 - 11:43:42 AM
I just want a cheap phone from a place like cingular that actually is a phone. The fancy ones are way too expensive and are becoming less and less of a phone.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 11:46:48 AM
Nokia ** = Nokia 888

don't really know what happened there....

Tuesday 8/22/06 - 12:21:38 PM
bendy phone good :P
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 12:28:03 PM
i agree with vidoegamer, they shouldn't be called phones anymore. But the bendy one is so cool!!!
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 12:31:05 PM
This is the best thing technology is being used for?
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 1:05:03 PM
i like the outdoor one and bendy one. I like fones that look good, but i dont mind if they have lots of features or not. HOwever, the ones that look good normally have lots of features. Thus are expensive. O well.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:44:50 PM
I want!
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:52:25 PM
i need the NOKIA SURV1 cause my 1st phone was in a garden all year, my 2nd went trough the washingmachine, the 3rd in the toilet and the latest is in the river somewhere.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 3:51:55 PM
I love that bendable phone thats reaally cool. I have a Razr but their already "old"
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 4:44:37 PM
I want the watch!
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 5:16:42 PM
even if the nokia 888 is a concept phone i still want one if they do make it, doubt i'll be able to afford it though
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 6:03:31 PM
id like the bendable one

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