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10 Coolest Cell Phones

53 comments 3.0 24,219 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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10 Coolest Cell Phones
Just what I needed: a Perfume Phone.
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Monday 8/21/06 - 8:15:09 PM
Just what I needed: a Perfume Phone.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:11:54 AM
What happened to phones that were just... phones?
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:19:36 AM
the bendable one looks cool
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:26:53 AM
i want a phone that goes ring ring ring,no pictures or movies,just a drat*n phone!!!
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:27:52 AM
Your cheek would get really stinky with that perfume one.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:50:50 AM
OOOO! bendy phone
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 2:58:19 AM
I want the portable rotary....
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 3:51:44 AM
I think people look so stupid with those 'Blueberries' for cellphone things. I dont get how they do it, when ever I talk on my blueberry my face gets all messy.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 3:57:34 AM
i like that bendy one.its awesome!
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 4:08:18 AM
thats nuthin. i read in a magazine that they've invented this phone that you strap onto your wrist (doubles as a watch)and something about the vibrations it uses, you actually stick your finger in your ear to listen, and talk into your watch. (thats the finger on the same hand that is wearing the watch of course). i think that is way cooler than any of these.

although, you'd have make sure your ears are clean.

Tuesday 8/22/06 - 5:22:59 AM
Is that why people use like a tenth of modern phones' features? They really stopped being phones.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 5:44:19 AM
i want the watch one and the bendable one
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 6:58:10 AM
The bendable phone is in Japan. I thought I read somewhere on a blog that the blogger went to vacation and they had the bendable phones as prepaid phones that were DISPOSABLE. That's pretty neat.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 7:03:55 AM
The Nokia 888 is crazy!
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 7:49:15 AM
I want the bendy one and the outdoorsy one.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 7:49:24 AM
wow the nokia 888 is awesome
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 8:30:06 AM
I want the watch one, but does it actually tell the time?
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 8:52:44 AM
I doubt all of those are real.
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 9:04:10 AM
I like the cube-shaped one xD
Tuesday 8/22/06 - 9:21:50 AM
i want the bendable even tho its looks fake

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