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10 Most Bizarre Celebrities

47 comments 3.1 34,894 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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10 Most Bizarre Celebrities
From Dick Assman to the Numa Numa Dancer.
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Tuesday 8/8/06 - 6:44:18 AM
I just knew the Star Wars kid would be on there somewhere
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 8:16:00 AM
Poor star wars kid. Did any of you read what happened to him because of this? We sould do a we are sorry star wars kid tribut. With lots of people do the light saber thing like he did to make him feel better. I wont because i am lazy, but somebody think about this idea..
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 9:07:53 AM
i felt sorry 4 that star wars kid too i didnt realise it had such a big impact on his life. that sucks.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 9:21:54 AM
i cant get it. it gives me a wierd error that takes up the whole page.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 9:32:32 AM
^^ Same here
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 9:48:52 AM
^^ me too
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 10:01:34 AM
WTF this guy has ASP.NET set up to display a detailed error message to the remote user!!! This site would be a perfect target for hackers although I doubt there is much information on the site to steal. But if they wanted to they could use the error messages to find holes in his code. Idiot.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 12:35:00 PM
Haha,the last guy.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 12:51:40 PM
there's some freaky people on there
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 12:53:14 PM
it gave me that error thing but i came back later and it worked
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 12:56:29 PM
what about Borat?
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 1:07:27 PM
^ Fictional.
These are all real people.
Oh gosh, the Turkish guy. I had never heard of him. And poor Star Wars kid.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 1:31:02 PM
why isn't fat-kid on here
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:05:53 PM
Maddox should be on here. He's famous enough, right?
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:31:44 PM
^^ Yes, but if you give Maddox an inch he'll run 5 miles with it.
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 2:57:51 PM
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 3:53:15 PM
very odd people
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 4:07:46 PM
On 8/8/2006 3:35:09 AM cooltapes wrote:
He's not on the list because although he's bizarre and famous, he's not a person.

that made me crack up

Tuesday 8/8/06 - 4:15:15 PM
William hung came to ohio for our red white and boom (for the 4th of july) and he was in the parade and fell asleep it was hilarious and right before the fireworks he was singing he sang she bangs and some other song... but it was funny
Tuesday 8/8/06 - 6:17:54 PM

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