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1980s games remade

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1980s games remade
Play online classic games from the 80s, remade in flash.
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Thursday 8/10/06 - 3:22:21 PM
wait...whats the start button??!
Thursday 8/10/06 - 3:24:11 PM
and they should deff. have "Zombies Ate My Nieghbors".
pfft. dinks.
Thursday 8/10/06 - 3:41:53 PM
Longloading times but worth the wait
Sunday 8/13/06 - 12:26:28 PM
for gods sakes... when i click sonic i do NOT EXPECT THAT GOD DAMN SONIC REMAKE THAT'S BEEN POSTED OF EVERY F*CKING WEBSITE I KNOW. most of these games suck. either go to or get an emulator. or emuparadise are good places.
Sunday 8/13/06 - 12:38:58 PM
oh, and here's my summary of sonic lost in mario world.

the gameplay : sh*t
the story : sh*t
the graphics : badly resized, sh*t

it also would help if the creator could make a "jump and land on enemies to kill the 100% of the time" rather than a "fly through the air like a retard and hope you'll land on an enemy... and hit it"

and i think that the creator of this thinks tails is a girl.
or they're gay.
either way it doesn't help the game.

Sunday 8/13/06 - 1:09:39 PM
Wow i played pacman and i got to level 2 lol
theres only 2 levels!!!

ima go play the other games later! xxoxoxox
Sunday 8/13/06 - 2:01:14 PM
Seems spiffy.
Saturday 9/2/06 - 1:05:43 AM
and where the hell is pong?
Thursday 9/14/06 - 10:12:18 AM

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