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Jules Underwater Lodge

45 comments 2.3 17,086 views 16 years ago in Entertainment
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Jules Underwater Lodge
An underwater... hotel? Click the dots to see pictures of each area.
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Monday 6/26/06 - 1:46:46 AM
An underwater... hotel? Click the dots to see pictures of each area.
Monday 6/26/06 - 3:23:23 AM
*sounds first post alarm* whoop!!!

Er..yeah.. enough obsession with first posts.. that underwater place looks pretty cool

Monday 6/26/06 - 3:55:28 AM
I don't think I would want to be watching "the abyss" while underwater
Monday 6/26/06 - 4:19:11 AM
I would die if I had to spend more than 3 minutes in there. I would murder anyone in my company first.
Monday 6/26/06 - 4:42:35 AM
seems crap...nice idea...but crap
Monday 6/26/06 - 5:53:41 AM
seems cozey and nice, when they gonna start building houses like this?
Monday 6/26/06 - 6:52:04 AM
"Experience the thrill of life underwater from 3:00 pm until 9:00 am, with unlimited diving for certified divers. Includes a light dinner and breakfast. $295/person per night."

WTF !!!

Monday 6/26/06 - 7:16:10 AM
Can i be the first to say....REPOST!

Monday 6/26/06 - 8:22:30 AM
I think my father stayed there a few years ago for like 5 nights. He said that it was really nice.
Monday 6/26/06 - 8:23:44 AM
Its been done better in other places, this place looks like a hole
Monday 6/26/06 - 8:52:52 AM
it looks ... er .. non-good..

btw i couldnt put on a post for the pepsi ice wall thing

Monday 6/26/06 - 9:09:58 AM
Nice idea, crappy execution.
Monday 6/26/06 - 9:38:48 AM
I remember when I was a kid I thought that would be the coolest thing. This sucks hard. The decor is hideous.
Monday 6/26/06 - 9:55:49 AM
meh bit crap
Monday 6/26/06 - 9:58:09 AM
o pretty kool.....
I YOUR AQUA MAN OR A dratIN FISH OR A WHALE!!! i dont want to get myself all wet just to walk to the TV .. hezuz...
Monday 6/26/06 - 10:34:17 AM
I hate submarine themes. They make me want to puke.

No, no repeat performances.

Monday 6/26/06 - 10:38:17 AM
This is only used as a tourist attraction when they are not using it as a science lab. I grew up in the keys and never stayed there, but always thought it would be kinda cool.
Monday 6/26/06 - 10:40:09 AM
It doesn't look that nice, plus I think this is a repost
Monday 6/26/06 - 10:42:15 AM
someone could electrocute! going out of the water, fell thirsty, open the fridge, die.
Monday 6/26/06 - 12:55:10 PM
wow that "hotel was pretty crappy, It could be cool but it was just all old and tacky.

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