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Jules Underwater Lodge

45 comments 2.3 17,085 views 16 years ago in Entertainment
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Jules Underwater Lodge
An underwater... hotel? Click the dots to see pictures of each area.
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Monday 6/26/06 - 1:02:25 PM
take a drill, drill a hole in the ceiling and voila! instant tomb! :D
Monday 6/26/06 - 1:20:57 PM
oops, the bults rusted soo much they broke, now the only exit is covered by the sea floor...glub glub.
Kinda interesting though (except movie choice, not in this situation)
Monday 6/26/06 - 1:27:44 PM
I have spent a few hours in it [HOOKA lines going down], and been to the underwater lab about 200 feet away. The pics don't do it justice... Though I wished it was a little deeper :) A good skindiver can swim to the entrance..
Monday 6/26/06 - 1:48:24 PM
man i would be really clausterphobic in there
Monday 6/26/06 - 1:50:23 PM
eff that. id rather go to the beachand stay in a 5 star hotel
Monday 6/26/06 - 2:11:57 PM
seems either fake and or stupid
Monday 6/26/06 - 2:19:31 PM
Cool! but i wouldn't want to swim throgh a load of green water to get to my room.
Monday 6/26/06 - 3:42:23 PM
yeah that was really crappy looking
Monday 6/26/06 - 3:42:27 PM
Hey look! There's a whale coming right toward our window and it is go[SMASH]
Monday 6/26/06 - 4:32:09 PM
ive seen better like in tropical places.the water looks green and icky, and i dont like the submarine theme they should have made it cooler
Monday 6/26/06 - 5:50:13 PM
Eh, been there, done that. I spent three years on a submarine.
Monday 6/26/06 - 6:36:17 PM
Is it me or does that place look like it's been around since the sixties? The walls alone look like it hasn't been washed for a long time.
Monday 6/26/06 - 7:05:24 PM
it looks very run down, and i dont wanna go swim in that icky water jsut to get to some run down crap shack underwater
Monday 6/26/06 - 11:28:40 PM
I'd be scared to go down there lol.
Doesn't look like an hotel.
Tuesday 6/27/06 - 2:01:10 AM
OOOOOOHHHHH UnderWATER I thought it said underWEAR lol
Tuesday 6/27/06 - 3:24:49 AM
^^I thought it said that too.
Tuesday 6/27/06 - 2:46:38 PM
Underwater hotels are frightening, and I couldn't post on the ice wall either.
Wednesday 6/28/06 - 8:42:09 PM
we went on a feild trip to the research lab around it in school, and we got to dive under and see it. When you wave in the windows, people wave back...
Thursday 6/29/06 - 3:41:46 PM
woow, nice little 5 star hotel..
Thursday 6/29/06 - 9:00:53 PM
creepy..yet i wouldnt mind
staying there if the place
was nicer

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