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I`m the Juggernaut, Bitch!

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I`m the Juggernaut, Bitch!
Enjoy, X-men fans. Adult language galore.
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Tuesday 6/6/06 - 11:17:28 AM
Anyway, hilarious video. I was practically crying with laughter.
Tuesday 6/6/06 - 11:18:42 AM
Anyone know where I can download this?
Tuesday 6/6/06 - 7:47:06 PM
Yeah like anywhere.....
Tuesday 6/6/06 - 10:26:42 PM
LMAO "look at me im the Juggernaut im ready ta drat, iv been ready ta drat" lmao that was some funnt poo
Thursday 6/8/06 - 7:04:17 PM
the guy with the mohawk is goliath. hes basically the universes cop.
Tuesday 6/13/06 - 12:44:47 AM
Look at my Biceps"

HAHAHAHA Best line. Had me dying laughing

Tuesday 6/13/06 - 2:33:46 AM
No, its not goliath, there is no such person. It is gladiator like I mentioned waaaay before in like page 2 or something
Thursday 6/15/06 - 4:59:25 PM
This is some funny azz sh^t.
Thursday 6/15/06 - 11:30:51 PM
"Im the Juggernaut B**ch and I brought a B**ch with me!!"


Thursday 6/15/06 - 11:38:24 PM
"MMMMMMM aaah my Chest my BLOODY CHEST my outfit."

"You know what mutha F**ka ur gonna get hit my by my pimp cane 1 way or another."

"Not as long as im wearin these jamacin colors theres no way u can harm me."

Saturday 6/17/06 - 12:24:05 AM
Yeah you people who said this was gay have no sense of humor at all
Sunday 6/18/06 - 2:17:10 AM
"Shoot n!gga"
Wednesday 6/21/06 - 1:27:42 AM
This was abnout the funniest thing on this site! I had my sister crack up so damn loud! There needs to have merchandise saying "But I'm the Juggernaut, B*tch"
Thursday 6/22/06 - 2:10:29 AM
"I can either take this poo, or you can give it to me willingly."
"I want it, I want it willingly!"
"Oh I know you do yah dirty b*tch."
"I'm the Juggernaut I'm ready to F*ck! I've been ready to drat, my suits so tight!"
Thursday 6/22/06 - 2:32:14 AM
"PIMP smack yo ass, bitch."
Thursday 6/22/06 - 7:03:57 AM
"Notice all these people behind me?"
"They will marval at my behemoth d*ck."
Friday 6/23/06 - 12:11:02 AM
Hit you with my pimp cane btich...LMAO!!!!
Monday 6/26/06 - 2:51:17 AM

An't that a bitch i'm ketchup Zap yo dumb ass lol funniest part in my opinion

Wednesday 6/28/06 - 12:29:03 AM
I love that video.
Saturday 7/1/06 - 2:01:09 PM
"I'd hate to one of yo hookers" lol

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