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I`m the Juggernaut, Bitch!

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I`m the Juggernaut, Bitch!
Enjoy, X-men fans. Adult language galore.
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Sunday 2/19/06 - 6:45:40 PM
is that even a real draten episode of X-Men!?!
Sunday 2/19/06 - 6:56:04 PM
Maybe I have a strange sense of humor, but I thought that will hillarious.
Sunday 2/19/06 - 10:20:25 PM
That was one funniest thing I've seen all year- runner for best internet movie, I think.

As for the episode, I think it's "Phoenix Saga: pt 2".

"fear the daughter of Bret Hart!!"

Monday 2/20/06 - 1:58:54 AM
as much as i didn't want to laugh I couldn't help it. Bad language all the way through, but it was funny.
Tuesday 2/21/06 - 9:31:08 AM
HAHA that was good! real funny clip, loved it!!
Tuesday 2/21/06 - 4:42:58 PM
"is that even a real draten episode of X-Men!?!"

What do you mean?

Tuesday 2/21/06 - 4:49:41 PM
that was awesome.
Tuesday 2/21/06 - 5:00:06 PM
"Hey, here it is, aam da Juggernaut, Bitch! WTF does he think he doin'? He can't hurt Juggernaut, Bitch!"
"Some motherf*ckin' toothpaste for juggernaut. Get Juggernaut some Colgate, motherf*cker."

Man, that was funny somehow.

Friday 2/24/06 - 5:31:30 PM
I mean seriously though, This is the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time man. I love everything about this. From the way yall said "bitch" to laughs in the background. This is exactly the kind of humor I hope to find when I'm bored...Thanks for making me laugh my ass off in front of my class mates :D
Saturday 2/25/06 - 12:30:29 PM
very funny
Saturday 2/25/06 - 12:47:09 PM
Anyone how I can download this?
Saturday 2/25/06 - 5:51:50 PM
That poo was some funny poo.
Wednesday 3/1/06 - 3:48:38 PM
That was really really funny!!!!
I loved when he said he was going to beat the one guy up with Xavier...pure humor for the bored and
Sunday 3/5/06 - 6:33:40 PM
This Is The Funniest Thing I Seen In A While. I Hope To See A Lot More Just Like It. AND IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PUT THIS ON YOUR I POD E-MAIL ME AT ISIAH61@HOTMAIL.COM And IF THERE IS A PART TWO E-MAIL ME. I Want To Show This To Everyone I Know! I Going To Do My Best To Spread This Around And I'M Not Even Getting Paid. Its That Funny! We Should Pay Them... Nah! But Its Funny!
Wednesday 3/8/06 - 6:41:25 PM
Wednesday 3/29/06 - 1:57:03 PM
There is not one person in my entire school that can go through the day w/o screeming I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!
Monday 4/17/06 - 2:00:36 PM
"Shut the f*ck up charles. Shut the f*ck up. CHARLES NOOOOO! Charles he got mah head, im the juggernaut bitch. Charles... what the f*ck is this sh*t... Oh im trippin off acid." hhahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahah i died laughing
Wednesday 4/19/06 - 10:44:58 PM
One question. Who is the goliath looking motha f*cka at the end? I think it's onslaught but I can't be sure
Thursday 4/20/06 - 12:30:17 AM
This is like the funniest flash ive seen recently. hats off to the people that made it and please make more.
Best Line: "You're going to get hurt by my pimp cane one way or another!!"
"Not as long as im wearing these jamaican colors"
Friday 4/28/06 - 1:34:33 PM
OOOOH Its the Juggernaut BITCH and I got a BITCH with me. Yeah we gonna have a dratin RAPE party.

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