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Nacho Libre

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Nacho Libre
Will this be the best movie in the history of cinema? (click Video)
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Saturday 2/11/06 - 7:53:34 PM
I don't get whats so great about this.. That trailer was stupid and boring.
Saturday 2/11/06 - 8:23:26 PM
Jack Black + Napoleon Dynamite + School of Rock. Algebra says this movie will rock.
Sunday 2/12/06 - 2:39:18 AM
stupid. stupid. stupid.
Sunday 2/12/06 - 2:08:42 PM
B-hazard, I know it is about mexicans, so they will have accents, but this guy sucks. Napoleon Dynamite was a hit, because peoiple told you it was good, and all of you herded sheep have your heads up your colons, and think its the bees knees. There is not one joke in the whole movie, just odd characters. It sucks, and one day, I hope, you will realize that. MTV produced Napoleon Dynamite, and shoved it down our throats, and people in "the biz" are so afarid to "dis" MTV, and risk being alienated from the oh so lucrative demographic That MTV has a stranglehold on. If you dont belive MTV tells you what to watch, wear, and how to speak, how do you explain the sucess of such nontalents like, Creed,(a christian rock band), That twat from american idol, and clay aikens, and ruben studdard, and every monkey with a mouthfull of platinum and diamonds. Ill tell you where to find music.Down load songs from, Ween... Shpongle... Parliament/funkadelic... Lee "scratch&q
Sunday 2/12/06 - 3:16:25 PM
The joke of Napoleon Dynamite was the whole movie, that's what's funny. The whole movie was made up of inside jokes, which we didn't get, but the scenes were stupid enough to be funny anyway. And, I hate MTV.
Sunday 2/12/06 - 8:04:12 PM
1. I never heard of Napoleon Dynamite until I saw it and I thought it was hilarious though I was skeptical at the beginning of the movie and was not a fan of MTV. That disproves the whole biased theory that everyone is "herded sheep". Though it might also prove that a movie is only funny to the people who saw it first, and then it is overexaggerated.
2. Mucho Libre will be awesome
Monday 3/13/06 - 10:06:05 PM
Palm was correct about the herding by MTV, but Jack Black would have even made Napolean a good movie

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