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Are the search engines giving in to the communists?
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Saturday 2/11/06 - 3:32:11 AM
Aw man! ALL those companies are bending over for the Chinese government?? When I first heard about this travesty, I only boycotted Google; but now I have to boycott MSN and Yahoo too?!? Nertz!!
Saturday 2/11/06 - 9:30:22 AM
Saturday 2/11/06 - 1:01:28 PM
i dont get it.
Saturday 2/11/06 - 9:41:42 PM
eh that was sort of annoying. i know the gov. wants search engine records but are the searched words/phrases actually connected to the computers or would it just state something like "43000 people searched dolphins"?
Sunday 2/12/06 - 12:55:06 AM
Idc... I really dont see how me looking up porn is helping communists... W/ever...
Sunday 2/12/06 - 12:18:26 PM
Bad animation. But I really don't understand how message boards go off into random debates. Give it a rest and talk about the video for goodness sakes.
Sunday 2/12/06 - 10:51:51 PM
hah i agree with farquaad
Sunday 2/12/06 - 11:09:20 PM
ehh....the government doesn't want to monitor individual searches. they want to monitor them as a populous. nobody's privacy is being evaded.
Thursday 2/16/06 - 4:11:04 AM
Farquaad, we're talking about the video's content; how is that not talking about the video?

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