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Are the search engines giving in to the communists?
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Thursday 2/9/06 - 10:56:20 PM
Are the search engines giving in to the communists?
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:31:21 AM
There is always some paranoid person out there that thinks somethings a conspiracy.
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:46:43 AM
It's not a conspiracy. This is actually happening. is closely monitered by the Chinese government, but is not. It's the same with most of the .cn search engines. The internet poses a massive threat to communism.
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:57:01 AM
i don't like how they are monitoring what everybody looks up on google..only a certan amont of people are looking up the wrong thing..why does everyone have to get montitored?
Friday 2/10/06 - 3:40:05 AM
Because, that's the way it is in China. Who are we to tell them their culture is wrong?
Friday 2/10/06 - 7:48:00 AM
^^ if you're going to use that logic, then why in the hell are we in Iraq? Why do we sanction other countries? Why do we threaten to pull our aid dollars?
Friday 2/10/06 - 7:48:35 AM
and LJ - you missed the boat on this one...
Friday 2/10/06 - 2:56:51 PM
What, you're saying that we should just pull the troops out of Iraq so the whole War of Iraqi Freedom would be like a joke or something? And wouldn't that send the message that we're weakening to the terrorists that are still over there?
Friday 2/10/06 - 3:12:48 PM
^^Ok so how much have we actually accomplished in the Iraq war? Suicide bombings? Ok the people of iraq get to vote by way of a system they dont like (democracy) so to rebel there are more suicide bomings. And thats just an example. So wheather were in or out of Iraq it still a joke. And furthurmore were not in Iraq because of terrorism were in there to try to bring peace to what Bush considers, a barbaric country. So, again, in or out we look like pussies either way to lots of middle eastern countries.
Friday 2/10/06 - 3:25:16 PM
We need to nuke em. that'll show the buggers whos boss. also we need to nuke iran before they make a nuke themsleves.
Friday 2/10/06 - 4:20:46 PM
That was amazingly boring and not funny. I give it one star. Thanks for nothing.
Friday 2/10/06 - 5:08:27 PM
I love how this goes from a link about communism to a debate about Iraq.

I want the troops home now, by the way.

Friday 2/10/06 - 5:52:12 PM
The sound for the cartoon won't play on my computer, but other links work just fine.
Friday 2/10/06 - 5:55:30 PM
Forget what I just said. The sound problems are on my end. I just tried the Nacho Libre link and I can't hear anything there either. My speakers were working just fine a few minutes ago! This sucks...
Friday 2/10/06 - 6:50:06 PM
hahaha Man overboard! Throw me a life preserver!
Friday 2/10/06 - 7:27:24 PM
^i dont see that smiley. how did you get it? anyways, its called communism. it does not guarentee personal freedoms. also, capitalism. buisnesses can do what they want. if that means aiding communism, so be it. i dont think its right, but hey, thats the way it is. and im not saying it can't be changed, not. shut up.
Friday 2/10/06 - 7:39:48 PM
interesting topic, capitolism Vs. comunism. censorship. worthy of descusion and debate, but the animation really sucked
Friday 2/10/06 - 9:07:13 PM
The internet is getting more messed up every day.
Friday 2/10/06 - 10:51:37 PM
i think it should be law that everyone smoke weed. that will cure the paranoid problems
Friday 2/10/06 - 10:56:51 PM
Ah yes, one more thing for geeks everywhere to laugh and snort about. That was so friggin' stupid.

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