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Kid on myspace commits scuicide (sometime at the beginning of december)
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Friday 1/20/06 - 11:34:50 PM
Kid on myspace commits scuicide (sometime at the beginning of december) Honestly i think this is stupid that anyone, especialy a young kid kill himself over a girl (or guy for that matter)
Friday 1/20/06 - 11:44:47 PM
that sucks!!
Friday 1/20/06 - 11:48:00 PM
Is this for real?
Friday 1/20/06 - 11:50:31 PM
Friday 1/20/06 - 11:51:20 PM
and it doesnt suck...i mean he shouldnt have killed himself but atleast there is one less bitchy person in the world.
Saturday 1/21/06 - 12:27:49 PM

And you shouldnt say that. What if that was your friend. Your such a jackass

Saturday 1/21/06 - 5:37:51 PM
I seriously doubt that his family and friends appreciate you sharing this link. Insensitive jerk. Show some respect and grow up.
Sunday 1/22/06 - 8:50:49 PM
Me? because if your talking about me than I didnt mean disrespect in any way. I just looked it up to see more about it and I thought it was amazing all the comments that people left him, and how they are still leaving comments.
Thursday 1/26/06 - 7:18:51 PM
Why isnt his profile deleted? I cant access it now.
Saturday 1/28/06 - 5:10:29 PM
thats sad :'( ..... some body should have stopped him
Saturday 1/28/06 - 7:10:04 PM
Tuesday 1/31/06 - 11:16:25 AM
i am a frequent myspace user, and so i have seen this guy before. sad. just sad.
Tuesday 2/14/06 - 1:20:12 PM
Awww... :( I know I'm late but that's really sad... *Stares blankly at screen*
Monday 2/20/06 - 10:24:17 AM
Um you know he really didnt kill himself right? Unless people continue to have internet access after death...
Friday 3/3/06 - 1:21:56 AM
Ummm..I'm not sure, but his profile is still accessed and a lot of the comments on it compliment him on his suicide joke, so I think it was all fake, but I'm not exactly sure...someone could have gotten his password or something.
Friday 3/3/06 - 1:24:29 AM
Always sh*t going on at myspace. A rape, a murder etc. Don't know if that one is real though. I read rotten news! Never read it on there.
Monday 3/13/06 - 5:16:30 AM
this was not true he never killed himself..
Saturday 3/18/06 - 2:14:41 PM
i saw the myspace, everyone is saying that was a good joke, and that he keeps adding friends, unless thats possible beyond the grave?
Saturday 3/18/06 - 2:18:53 PM
stupid bastard never killed himeself, good joke though, kinda heartless devious
Wednesday 4/12/06 - 9:58:29 AM
if it was a joke it was a pretty tasteless one.
i think it would have been on the news becaus ethe police would have been ticked to hell.

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