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iPod nano gruesome murder and autopsy

33 comments 3.3 19,202 views 16 years ago in Science & Technology
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iPod nano gruesome murder and autopsy
iPod nano stress test and autopsy-- they drop it, smash it, run over it with a 4X4, and it still keeps going
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Friday 9/16/05 - 8:34:24 PM
seals the deal for me, great to have something ti listen to while snowboarding which wont get.. OWNED if i miss a lnding...btw..,
Friday 9/16/05 - 9:23:22 PM
Wow, if they tried that to my muvo slim (by creative) it would totally crack open on the jogging test.
Friday 9/16/05 - 11:45:42 PM
... Dropping most things break them.
Saturday 9/17/05 - 12:23:14 AM
*runs to buy one*
Saturday 9/17/05 - 6:17:13 AM
oh yeah i got mine the day they came out! It's amazing!!!
Saturday 9/17/05 - 7:10:01 AM
Hm... nice analysis on page 4.
Saturday 9/17/05 - 8:52:12 AM
if you dropped me I would break...
Saturday 9/17/05 - 11:39:10 AM
I wanted to get one, seeing my other MP3 sorta died. My only problem was it's durability, before I saw this thing. Seems extremely durable.
Saturday 9/17/05 - 11:41:48 AM
yay! i'm getting one in a month for my bday. well its more than a month really. my bdays on halloween. interesting fact no.234876 about rosie223366.
Tuesday 10/4/05 - 6:14:13 AM
Yeah well, i like my i-pod mini!!! So there!

*shuffles sneakily away to buy one*

Sunday 1/14/07 - 10:47:47 PM
they havent given it to my brother. he cracked his screen in a week.

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