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Pokemon causes cancer

28 comments 2.7 12,649 views 14 years ago in News & Politics
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Pokemon causes cancer
Pokemon gets the blame for cancer. What`s up with that?
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Tuesday 4/19/05 - 1:08:26 PM
Pokemon gets the blame for cancer. What's up with that? Odd name choice.
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 1:27:32 PM
wow.. and they just found out?
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 1:27:58 PM
pokemon is being is air for so long..
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 1:44:26 PM
I can see Nintendo jumping on this one now...

Hey, kids! Every cool Pokemon card set now comes with Nicotinaraus, evolving into Carcinogenamon!

Well, it's an idea.

Tuesday 4/19/05 - 2:33:18 PM
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 2:41:09 PM
who said science can't be fun!
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 2:49:20 PM
I think they did that intentionally. look at the initials

it's actually POKEMOF not POKEMON

Tuesday 4/19/05 - 2:51:55 PM
Proving you're never too smart to be a dumbass.
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 3:13:02 PM
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 3:15:39 PM
hahahaha... I read that like what? 3 months ago?
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 3:27:03 PM
"Proving you're never too smart to be a dumbass."

was that directed at me?

thank you I love being insulted on the internet

Tuesday 4/19/05 - 3:31:37 PM
no, that was directed at the actual speed of the internet, as it takes a lot of time to get to somewhere else.
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 4:35:18 PM
i heard that yu gi oh causes loose bowel syndrome
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 5:00:04 PM
Thats kinda sad man. What about all those poor young kids out there who have cancer & like Pokémon? Not very funny. Visit a children's hospital one wont be laughing anymore.
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 5:30:28 PM
didnt even bother to read it
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 5:57:40 PM
Thats pathedic and must be fake..Pokemon? Considering how big the game is I don't think they would name a type of cancer over it
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 5:59:24 PM
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 6:03:03 PM
I think this is arepost, but none-the-less...

Mr.KnowItAll, they aren't talking about actual Pokemon game, it's a gene. Check it out: . A far cry from those weird Japanese monsters

Tuesday 4/19/05 - 6:52:57 PM
Yeah repost sooo old
Tuesday 4/19/05 - 8:11:30 PM
On Nowtelsetodo's post:

Hey Kids! Feel like completly ruining your life and die early from a disease you can't fight and have a huge chance of dying?

Then but our limited edition CANCER pack, which will always include one serious type, like Breast cancer for girls or prostate cancer for guys!



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