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Drop It Like A Fob

17 comments 2.9 18,881 views 17 years ago in Funny
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Drop It Like A Fob - Hilarious spoof of the Snoop Dogg song.

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Monday 3/28/05 - 12:20:51 AM
Hilarious spoof of the Snoop Dogg song.
Monday 3/28/05 - 1:34:07 AM
LMAO, thats so funny.
Monday 3/28/05 - 3:33:03 AM
I liked the tongue clicking. I'm assuming that if I had ever heard the original version I would find this parody more amusing.
Monday 3/28/05 - 3:41:22 AM
what's a fob?
Monday 3/28/05 - 5:14:54 AM
it didnt load on ma comp but ma m8 said it woz well funny
Monday 3/28/05 - 8:56:04 AM
It was ok.
Monday 3/28/05 - 10:04:23 AM
cuz i'm the boss / of MS DOS

ha ha...not bad...still wondering what exactly a fob is...

Monday 3/28/05 - 11:12:11 AM
A Fob is an immigrant. The word is actually an abbreviation, standing for "Fresh Off the Boat."
Monday 3/28/05 - 11:39:07 AM
thnx elroy i kinda guessed it had something 2 do wit immigration but it makes ALOT more sense now :) its was ok i guess. some of the lyrics need work, but i love the actual video, that was probly the best bit
Monday 3/28/05 - 11:55:42 AM
Not bad ;)
Monday 3/28/05 - 2:47:23 PM
i didnt know wot a fob wos..wuld prob..the dude wiv the bandana wos funni..wen he wos making those slapping movements..haha!..pure class...
Monday 3/28/05 - 5:05:08 PM
That was funny. Better than the original, they should bring it out.
Monday 3/28/05 - 5:48:19 PM
haha. i'm proud being a FOB! well i'm not really FRESH off the boat
Tuesday 3/29/05 - 10:38:42 AM
haha, that wasnt bad
Tuesday 4/25/06 - 10:42:06 PM
lol didnt work but im just gonna do a reply anyway cause i only hav a few
Saturday 9/30/06 - 9:13:32 AM
the link isnt workin anymore but u can find it by clicking here

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