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Dirty Kuffar

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Dirty Kuffar
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Sunday 12/5/04 - 7:37:37 PM
Download 'Dirty Kuffar' Dirty Kuffar, or Dirty Non-believer/infidel, is a propaganda rap video done by Shiek Terra and the Soul Salah Crew. Catchy dancehall beat, but crappy video overall. Its also rather ironic. Enjoy!
Monday 12/6/04 - 10:37:57 AM
WHAT THE.......??
Monday 12/6/04 - 12:14:16 PM
Monday 12/6/04 - 12:52:46 PM
i dont even think any terrorist in this world would find this video as "funny" probably will make them smile, but not laugh, cuz its such a dumb retarded clip.
Monday 12/6/04 - 1:12:12 PM
Clearly you didnt see the irony.
Monday 12/6/04 - 1:14:16 PM
What Irony? Wtf Are you talking about, i am almost offended that this is even on here
Monday 12/6/04 - 4:29:59 PM
Monday 12/6/04 - 7:05:01 PM
the USA is home of the free because of the brave, and to even have this stupid ass, US hating, POS on this site is insulting.
Monday 12/6/04 - 8:16:27 PM
Dude that was crazy! the irony showed thru with flying colors! anyone whos offended by this, go kiss Bush's ass u dumb conservatives! ANARCHIST PARTY!!!
Monday 12/6/04 - 10:20:29 PM
Catchy beat to the music. But really disturbing images. I wouldnt say Im offended by it, but its disturbing.
Monday 12/6/04 - 10:56:22 PM
Man oh man, what have we done. The middle east is an absolutely INSANE area of the world. Why...why...why...why would we want to mix it up with those lunatics. Fights with those guys never, ever end. Build American companies there? Would you go there to work? I wouldn't. Talk about living dangerously. Those people have waged religious wars that have lasted hundreds and hundreds of years...and they don't value life like we do. Why then would we fight them? Isn't it an impossible fight to win? When we lose a life we feel pain...when they lose a life they celebrate and see it as a wonderful sacrifice. My friends...we can not "beat" people with that frame of mind.

Get out of the area of the world, it is hell on earth. Bring our guys back to their families where they can enjoy their lives.

Tuesday 12/7/04 - 2:21:43 AM
Thats gonna start writing poetry about the world that surrounds me.
I mean jeese.What kind of insanity has my mother born me into.
Tuesday 12/7/04 - 2:25:01 AM
And shaggy.Through your post i come to see bush's point.How can you go home and enjoy life.when phreaks like that,people who dont value life,can some day get wmds and destroy that peaceful life.
I was thinking how stupid a puppet bush was a few hours ago.Now i respect him,but still dont like him.

John lied to me.

Tuesday 12/7/04 - 1:09:08 PM
This is SO stupid, it doesn't respect anything that the Marines have been fighting for! You bunch of lowlifes~!Taw meh air boolyeh!Guh hiff ir in lat! If you're smart, you know that is Irish for "Go to Hell you ASS HOLES!!!"
Tuesday 12/7/04 - 7:13:35 PM
This reply is for Skywise:
Even the American Gov't has stopped listing w.m.d. as a reason for invading I'm not sure why you are clinging to it.

Here's what you have to do. (This wont be easy, but try). Forget everything you have seen on American TV. Forget everything you have read in U.S. newspapers as to why America was attacked. You've done that? take a deep breath. Now...ask yourself one question. Why. Why is the U.S. such a target by all of these people. Wait! You almost quoted something you saw on TV...about how they hate freedom and want to destroy democracy! I told you to forget that.

Middle easterners are furious about having their lands occupied for different reasons over the past few decades. They are extremely religious (and crazy, which is a scary combination) and lose their minds when they think they or their land is being disrespected. So...they are furious about being occupied and what do we do?

Tuesday 12/7/04 - 7:16:34 PM
Let me end my little rant by saying that I truly hope that President Bush is right and that everything works out. After all, he knows a heck of a lot more about world politics than I do. I just pray that all of those men and women over there make it home safe, that's all.
Wednesday 12/8/04 - 4:47:22 PM
Wednesday 12/8/04 - 6:41:00 PM
I'm so confused, LOL.
It's supposed to be a video about Iraq and they're singing in Jamaican? (my language) It was crappy. X-)

How dare anyone say "they don't value life as much as we do". You can't talk for a whole body of people. Do you know how much every single American values life? Have you even been to an Islamic nation or know Ismlamic people? America is always going to be terrorized because they're super power. It happens to every superpower so pick up a history book, jackass. They shouldn't even be in Iraq to begin with. Answer this: Where's bin Laden? You want everyone to stop making weapons meanwhile you're getting ready to arm outspace? Fat chance. Don't believe everything you see on TV, even the news is formulated and planned out. I don't hate Americans, I have them in my family; but I sure do hate how Bush is f***in' up your country. Don't be so ignorant. Educate yourself before you judge.

Wednesday 12/8/04 - 7:55:24 PM
I can talk about a body of people if I want to, you useless sack of donkey diarrhea. Suicide bombers are seen as heroes...those who kill or die in the name of their God are automatically sent to heaven to meet the almighty and live like a (ghostly) king. Read some stuff about religion (or at least the way it is being interpreted right now) before you open your mouth you pitiful waste of skin.
Thursday 12/9/04 - 8:28:13 AM
To all the cool, nice, funny, and SMART Americans out there, I'm so sorry you have to put up with brainwashed, ignorant, pitiful and disgusting people in your country and I hope the situation of your beautiful nation gets better rather than worse. Just hope for that war to be over ASAP so the rest of the world can return to loving and not judging you. If you're an educated person, I'm sure no one has to waste their breath preaching to you about other nations and justice.

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