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2.5 Gigapixel Photograph

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2.5 Gigapixel Photograph
Zoom way, way in on this photo. Amazingly high resolution. Unfortunately, a boring photo.
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Friday 11/26/04 - 11:28:15 PM
Zoom way, way in on this photo. Amazingly high resolution. Unfortunately, a boring photo.
Friday 11/26/04 - 11:32:13 PM
Whoa, that's really cool. You can even see the license plates on the cars. What is that place though?
Friday 11/26/04 - 11:36:18 PM
If you zoom in in certain places, you can see signs written in what looks like German.
Friday 11/26/04 - 11:37:13 PM
Wow. That's awesome.
Friday 11/26/04 - 11:39:07 PM
Hmm...I must have something wrong going on because I don't get very good resolution at all.
Friday 11/26/04 - 11:41:38 PM
Ooh, cool. I found some people riding bikes:

Friday 11/26/04 - 11:43:47 PM
Umm haha. Ok, on further inspection, that's not that amazing of a find considering that there's a lot of people riding bikes.
Friday 11/26/04 - 11:55:16 PM
what the hell...mine just looks like one big blur :S
Saturday 11/27/04 - 12:02:31 AM
Thats pretty cool!
Saturday 11/27/04 - 12:10:31 AM
if you look at the very top in th middle the church clock says its about 3:05
Saturday 11/27/04 - 12:39:36 AM
Woah, that's cool!
Saturday 11/27/04 - 12:51:39 AM
I had much fun with this.
Saturday 11/27/04 - 1:20:01 AM
f*ckin insane
Saturday 11/27/04 - 1:51:14 AM
i found it infantile and boring, yet slightly ntriuging
Saturday 11/27/04 - 1:55:00 AM
AWESOME. im such a peeking tom i tried to see if i could see into anyones window. DAMN IT I COULDNT i was hoping to see some boom-boom
Saturday 11/27/04 - 3:46:02 AM
im convinced that if you look hard can find ppl having sex...THERE MUST BE a couple!! GRRRRR
Saturday 11/27/04 - 4:05:25 AM
Amusing at first but gets boring after about 2 minets
Saturday 11/27/04 - 5:00:50 AM
damn the gravel on the roof zoomed all the way in is still better lookin than my webcam photos
Saturday 11/27/04 - 5:01:19 AM
where kan i get that camera
Saturday 11/27/04 - 5:48:01 AM
If you guys are looking to see how this was done have a look at this article by bbc technology /4022149.stm


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