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Fellowship 9/11

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Fellowship 9/11
Site dedicated to a short-film spoof of Moore`s film.
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Tuesday 10/26/04 - 12:08:10 AM
Site dedicated to a short-film spoof of Moore's film. LotR geeks should love this, regardless of political leanings. The film itself can be found on There's a link to it on the right side of the page.
Tuesday 10/26/04 - 8:47:32 AM
Ok.................. How incredibly sad!
Tuesday 10/26/04 - 4:59:17 PM
LMAO I thought I was gonna cry I was laughing so much...being an LotR fan makes it that much funnier
Wednesday 10/27/04 - 5:12:19 PM
I liked Fahrenheit 9/11..but this site was rather strange...but funny too
Wednesday 11/3/04 - 3:43:42 PM
ahahahahahaha i like LotR thats so funny

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