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Iraq Anniversary - VNV Nation

4 comments 3.0 2,374 views 15 years ago in News & Politics
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Iraq Anniversary - VNV Nation
A flash show of Iraq photos and `Legion` played by VNV Nation.
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Saturday 7/10/04 - 6:12:32 PM
VNV Nation [Rate Link] - A flash show of Iraq photos and 'Legion' played by VNV Nation. .
Saturday 7/10/04 - 6:13:04 PM

Enveloped in a sentiment,
A sound that rushes over me.
Engage an impulse to pretend
I have a faith as pure.
Not forgetting what it means to dream.
Indulging everything.
Entertaining thoughts that I've the strength
Of those I yearn to be.
Cheers and tribute greet the saviours.
Reckless thoughts survive.
Anachronistic and impulsive.

And what will happen?
Will I dream?
I am too scared to close my eyes.
For a second please hold me.
None can change in me these things that I believe.
But I don't know what happens now.
I am too scared to close my eyes.

Monday 7/12/04 - 8:54:20 AM
Pictures without context. Always informative!
Friday 7/16/04 - 12:40:19 AM
This can only be called pictures "without context" (please forgive me if that was a joke) if you didn't pay attention to the introduction of the video. Allow me to clarify: All of these pictures were taken to show us what really happens during a war. The video was created in the opinion that all of those people died because of the man we "elected" as our president, and to ask if we are willing to risk that happening again.

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