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Spiderman vs. Doc Ock

7 comments 2.9 6,477 views 15 years ago in Entertainment
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Spiderman vs. Doc Ock
Video made with Legos!
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Thursday 7/8/04 - 7:57:04 PM
Video made with Legos! Very impressive!
Thursday 7/8/04 - 8:40:27 PM
that's better than seeing the movie!
Thursday 7/8/04 - 8:41:33 PM
lol these are always amusing. very well done.
Friday 7/9/04 - 8:15:51 AM
That was very well done. It was fun watching.
Friday 7/9/04 - 12:32:54 PM
The train part is kind of the like the train scene in the movie except that instead of stopping the train before it flies out they actually let it fly out of the tracks. Pretty awesome.
Friday 7/9/04 - 1:28:14 PM
That was hilarious! Where'd the elephant come from?
Friday 7/9/04 - 3:51:48 PM
Does anyone know how to make the video any smaller. This video takes 5 hours to open. I would really like to see the video but if it takes 5 hours forget it.

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