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The Donor Part

9 comments 1.6 3,232 views 15 years ago in Weird/Silly
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The Donor Part
A movie about the Donor Party.
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Monday 5/31/04 - 1:15:17 PM
A movie about the Donor Party. You won't be disappointed, I promise.
Monday 5/31/04 - 2:15:41 PM
i dont get it
Monday 5/31/04 - 2:51:28 PM
Monday 5/31/04 - 2:54:34 PM
That was amazing!
Monday 5/31/04 - 3:11:23 PM
That was very freaky and morbid.
Monday 5/31/04 - 4:55:23 PM
hahahaha that was... interesting
Monday 5/31/04 - 8:12:09 PM
I spelled party wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday 6/1/04 - 11:14:46 AM
uhm, I didn't get it...
Thursday 6/3/04 - 11:13:53 AM
Im not sure how to describe what I just saw. No is a good word. Or prehaps eep, yelp, or wtf (pronounced Wha-teh-fuh). I know I won't be sleeping for a while.

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