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Bud Light Making Faces

15 comments 2.6 14,576 views 16 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Bud Light Making Faces
Really cool. Animates a picture of youself and plays whatever text you type.
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Saturday 5/8/04 - 3:15:12 AM
Really cool. Animates a picture of youself and plays whatever text you type. This is bad ass.
Saturday 5/8/04 - 10:38:14 AM
Saturday 5/8/04 - 11:59:00 AM
holy crap thats friggin awesome
Saturday 5/8/04 - 12:15:40 PM
Lol, that wuz interesting...

Too bad I don't have a picture to upload...

Saturday 5/8/04 - 1:20:47 PM
LOL pretty cool.
Saturday 5/8/04 - 1:48:38 PM
That is so awesome. Thanks for giving me the perfect online greeting to send to my mommy for Mother's Day!
Sunday 5/9/04 - 6:50:30 PM
Wow! That is great! I even uploaded some celebrity pictures and sent them to one of my friends!
Monday 5/10/04 - 11:04:19 PM
Hmmmm...looks familiar.
Tuesday 5/11/04 - 1:06:27 AM
After I make the box around my face, it just processes the picture forever. Perhaps I'm just being impatient, but am I supposed to wait 5+ minutes for it?
Tuesday 5/11/04 - 7:52:45 PM
Wednesday 5/12/04 - 5:37:35 PM
HAH try typing in "!!!" it'll say: "exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark" depending on how many exclamation marks you put....
Wednesday 5/12/04 - 7:52:35 PM
Wednesday 5/12/04 - 8:00:58 PM
Wow, that is so freaking awesome.
Wednesday 5/12/04 - 11:28:03 PM
Sorry, not trying to step on toes. Didn't see it posted.
Thursday 5/13/04 - 5:05:56 PM
I'm obsessed with these making faces things now. I use the Budweiser one more though...I also prefer uploading my own pictures, it's very easy.

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