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30 Tips to Losing Weight

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30 Tips to Losing Weight
Get it off and keep it off!
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Friday 5/7/04 - 9:05:21 PM
Get it off and keep it off! Rule #1 - Drink water.
Friday 5/7/04 - 9:08:44 PM
Good list, especially, don't shop when hungry
Friday 5/7/04 - 9:45:46 PM
Yeah...I know I've done that before and all I wanted was cookies, not vegetables!
Friday 5/7/04 - 10:47:37 PM
#31: Have kids.
Friday 5/7/04 - 11:56:04 PM
That list makes it sound so easy.
Saturday 5/8/04 - 12:07:38 PM
9. Learn how to calculate fat grams. Fat is 9 calories
per gram. Multiply the amount of grams times 9, look at the total amount of calories and take the larger
number and divide it into the smaller number. 2 percent
milk 120 calories, 5 grams x 9 =45, 120 divided into
54 = a whopping 38 percent fat.

Not exactly true, because each gram of protein is 4 calories and each carb is also 4 calories.

Saturday 5/8/04 - 2:38:48 PM
They forgot a bif no no. DOn't eat late at night!

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