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Fetusmart: The Magical Land of Fetuses

12 comments 3.0 4,004 views 15 years ago in Funny
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Fetusmart: The Magical Land of Fetuses
For all your fetussy needs!
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Sunday 4/18/04 - 1:09:51 AM
For all your fetussy needs! You can even put one on your website.
Sunday 4/18/04 - 3:23:18 AM
hmm...I don't seem to have any fetussy needs at the moment, but I'll remember this for future reference.
Sunday 4/18/04 - 7:27:33 AM
Whoa. That's a helluva lotta fetusses.

*ooh ooh! i want the ninja one, mommy!*

Sunday 4/18/04 - 7:37:32 AM
Oh I saw these, I've been meaning to put them on my journal too. I like the shrimp and the grim reaper one.
Sunday 4/18/04 - 8:34:20 AM
Sunday 4/18/04 - 11:36:09 AM
ITS LIKE.............UH OH HOTDOG!
Sunday 4/18/04 - 4:12:48 PM

Sunday 4/18/04 - 10:17:52 PM
Awww. so cute.

And no hate mail here yet. I am amazed.

Monday 4/19/04 - 3:02:46 AM
Me too, Pi, if not a bit disappointed.
Monday 5/24/04 - 6:04:27 PM
I think i have the batman fetus on my webpage
Thursday 9/2/04 - 9:07:35 AM
i want me a fetus
Sunday 6/25/06 - 12:52:12 AM

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