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Easter Bunny Rap

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Easter Bunny Rap - The Easter bunny raps.

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Friday 4/9/04 - 8:27:15 PM
The Easter bunny raps. Happy Easter! Teehee.
Friday 4/9/04 - 8:39:30 PM
I never knew the Easter Bunny was hardcore until now.
Friday 4/9/04 - 8:45:24 PM
I have those pink shoes it was wearing.
Friday 4/9/04 - 9:02:08 PM
Very cute, I loved it (fourth time watching it, yeah I'm weird)
Saturday 4/10/04 - 2:49:08 AM
that is soo cute, go bling-bling bunny!
Saturday 4/10/04 - 9:12:34 AM
haha, that wuz awesome
Saturday 4/10/04 - 5:10:32 PM
Cute, the Easter Bunny got pimped out.
Saturday 4/10/04 - 7:40:36 PM
lol cute.
Saturday 4/10/04 - 8:53:48 PM
That was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Saturday 4/10/04 - 9:32:44 PM
WTF?! crazy stuff
Sunday 4/11/04 - 10:21:45 AM
I love the little chicks int he bunny ears. they were big pi.mpin man! tehe
Sunday 4/11/04 - 2:05:21 PM
Heehee that was super cute.
Sunday 4/11/04 - 9:56:43 PM
that was so addorable. That and the Toys-r-us commercials make me want to have a bunny again.
Tuesday 3/22/05 - 4:56:38 PM
ya dog ya dog i mean rabbot

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