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Urban Legends or Disney is Evil

10 comments 2.5 8,614 views 16 years ago in Misc.
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Urban Legends or Disney is Evil
The actual site is Snopes but this bit of it is the best. The potential dangers of Disney.
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Wednesday 3/24/04 - 3:13:48 PM
The actual site is Snopes but this bit of it is the best. The potential dangers of Disney. The Disney bits are well cool especially The Rescuers and the little mermaid.
Thursday 3/25/04 - 7:59:30 AM
I personally liked the Jessica Rabbit one. Thanks for keeping me entertained at work
Thursday 3/25/04 - 10:04:23 AM
My brother and I saw this a while back. It is sooo funny.

And I swear, Aladdin really does say "Good teenagers...take of your clothes!" At the very least, he's not saying what the closed captioning says because there are too many syllables (captions say, "Good tiger...take off!") I had a sleepover for my 13th birthday or something, and we tried to find all the naughty stuff in my Disney movies.

Thursday 3/25/04 - 5:17:43 PM
S-E-X in lion king wow ill never look at that movie the same
by the way coincidence?? I THINK NOT!
Friday 3/26/04 - 7:29:32 PM
The Daffy-Donald Duck conversation thing sounds a bit suspicious. But I've heard other suggestive things in Donald's notorious rants, so it's not too much of a surprise. The whole Rescuers fiasco really surprised me, tho
Sunday 5/16/04 - 6:39:14 PM
That was actually very interesting, you should also check the rest of the site, its pretty cool.
Monday 5/24/04 - 7:35:15 PM
Although a trifle disappointing, it's an alright site. The Rescuers thing was definitely apalling! If you can't trust Disney, who CAN you trust??
Monday 5/24/04 - 7:53:24 PM
The Jessica Rabbit thing is true, I've seen it
Saturday 12/11/04 - 3:40:15 PM
this was a funny sight..i never noticed any of that stuff before...not even the lion king one...i thought the snow white and the connection to cocaine was really funny!
Wednesday 8/22/07 - 9:25:30 PM
I've heard Aladin,

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