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Drive Thru Floating Cup

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Drive Thru Floating Cup - Watch the fast food workers be amazed.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Saturday 7/7/12 - 11:26:46 PM
Watch the fast food workers be amazed.
Saturday 7/14/12 - 8:17:48 PM
the reactions were funny
Saturday 1/26/13 - 8:39:37 PM
Is it racist to insinuate black people are too dumb to notice the cup swinging like a pendulum, clearly suspended from a filament? Or is it sexist, insinuating women just don't understand basic physics? Either way, the white guy (who's clearly the boss) was the least impressed. Way to go white guy, you're a beacon for your race & gender... I'm being sarcastic by the way, & clearly find this video clip offensive.

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