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How To Dance Properly

13 comments 2.5 7,973 views 16 years ago in Weird/Silly
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How To Dance Properly
Stuck with crappy dance moves? Check this site, you`ll learn a thing or two.....
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Friday 2/13/04 - 9:23:54 AM
Stuck with crappy dance moves? Check this site, you'll learn a thing or two..... I like it. I can't dance. This gave me mojo.
Friday 2/13/04 - 9:25:46 AM
lol this is funny
Friday 2/13/04 - 10:19:23 AM
That was so hilarious.. :)
Friday 2/13/04 - 12:35:51 PM
That was really funny.
Friday 2/13/04 - 2:12:37 PM
I love!!
Friday 2/13/04 - 2:27:46 PM
lol! Ride the pony was the best .
Friday 2/13/04 - 2:30:38 PM
No, the twirl was the best!
Friday 2/13/04 - 3:07:14 PM
smack the ass!
Sunday 2/15/04 - 2:35:18 PM
I'm so gonna use these.....
Sunday 2/15/04 - 2:39:41 PM
That was so hot. I loved the basic twirl
Sunday 2/15/04 - 6:47:11 PM
Hahaha! I thought that was really funny!
Friday 5/14/04 - 5:00:58 PM
The basic twirl was awesome
Thursday 3/24/05 - 2:12:07 AM
This was just too darned funny for words!!

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