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Excellent Nike Advert

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Excellent Nike Advert - as the title says...

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Friday 2/13/04 - 7:26:46 AM
as the title says...
Friday 2/13/04 - 7:29:05 AM
Here is the second part of the ad...!


Friday 2/13/04 - 11:21:40 AM
Oh yay the second part! In the thread in generals, it seemed like that black guy died, and I didn't like that.
Saturday 2/14/04 - 12:29:07 PM
they should run that ad in the US, you don't need to understand rugby to get it.
Thursday 4/1/04 - 2:34:17 AM
Hahaha that was cool!!
Friday 10/27/06 - 4:43:30 AM
Those types of adverts rule

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