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I'm Sh*thead [Video]

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I'm Sh*thead [Video] - Please date me.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Sunday 3/25/12 - 2:26:30 PM
Her name is poohead... no, not Sh*t-head
Sunday 3/25/12 - 2:29:03 PM
^lol, it just had to correct Shi-thead to poohead
Sunday 3/25/12 - 8:27:25 PM
and i do a black flip
Sunday 3/25/12 - 8:31:03 PM
"Im sh*thead i gotta pee with the lights off"
Monday 3/26/12 - 1:08:52 AM
That kind of got redundant, and it kind of got redundant.

The "Please date me" at the end was kind of funny though.
Thursday 3/29/12 - 12:01:04 PM
I liked the video.

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