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RIta Hayworth Stayin' Alive [Video]

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RIta Hayworth Stayin' Alive [Video] - Classic film clips put to the Bee Gees song.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Thursday 3/22/12 - 8:24:38 PM
My Dad sent me this one. Very cool.
Saturday 3/24/12 - 6:25:45 PM
Loved it. Outstanding editing.
Saturday 3/31/12 - 6:56:34 PM
Made my day. Wish we had a Rita from my generation.
Thursday 5/3/12 - 2:16:48 AM
I recognized several of the snippets as fragments of the "Shorty George" number from "You were Never Lovelier."
You can see the whole number here.
Thursday 5/3/12 - 3:00:56 AM
god, what a classy lady. That green dress number was the sexiest thing I've ever seen.
Thursday 5/3/12 - 3:14:30 AM
I'd boink her in adult diapers.

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