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How Many Miles Can you Go in An Hour? [Video]

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How Many Miles Can you Go in An Hour? [Video] - If you are going 80 MPH. Not as easy as it sounds.
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Wednesday 3/21/12 - 4:15:28 PM
This blonde is making it way more difficult then it needs to be.
Wednesday 3/21/12 - 4:48:51 PM
Man, that was painful.
Wednesday 3/21/12 - 6:14:52 PM
She forgot to divide by zero.
Thursday 3/22/12 - 4:46:53 AM
F*CK... she will never see the day of college.
On Wednesday 3/21/12 - 6:14:52 PM VictoryRider wrote:
She forgot to divide by zero.
LMAO, I like her to figure out the answer of dividing X by zero XD
Friday 3/23/12 - 8:19:12 AM
Sunday 3/25/12 - 8:26:15 PM
"10 MPH, thats like the average running speed for a human "

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