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City Workers Sing Their Thanks [Video]

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City Workers Sing Their Thanks [Video] - Best local government commercial ever.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Friday 3/2/12 - 10:51:21 PM
A town full of talented city workers who like to sing their thanks.
Saturday 3/3/12 - 2:00:54 AM
I can't see living day to day with fingernails like that. It seems like they would be much more trouble than they're worth.
Saturday 3/3/12 - 2:03:39 AM
Error 500
Saturday 3/3/12 - 2:25:41 AM
You trying to make a profile?
Sunday 3/4/12 - 5:56:01 AM
I just imploded from cringe.
Sunday 3/4/12 - 7:41:53 AM
Cringe indeed...
Monday 3/5/12 - 11:44:15 AM
Gah, it's a more cringe-worthy version of the old Rose's adverts.
Wednesday 3/7/12 - 7:30:05 PM
Oh my god, my teeth are far from perfect, but did you see hers???
Friday 3/9/12 - 6:05:02 PM
Yeah, my head just exploded. Jesus.

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