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Girl Tattoos Boyfriend's Face to Arm [Pics]

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Girl Tattoos Boyfriend's Face to Arm [Pics] - The boyfriend is not so happy about it.
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Monday 2/27/12 - 7:16:18 PM
Girl he has been dating for a week gets a tat of his face on her arm.
Monday 2/27/12 - 7:48:33 PM
Sara is nuts.

The tat artist seemed to do a good job though.
Monday 2/27/12 - 10:39:20 PM
That's really dramatic.
Monday 2/27/12 - 11:48:00 PM
I saw this on teh failbook.

I hope it's real, lol.
Tuesday 2/28/12 - 12:53:45 AM

looks like permanent marker, tho
Tuesday 2/28/12 - 10:30:29 AM

Tuesday 2/28/12 - 3:09:06 PM
Slowly and slowly, this person got better a covering the names
Tuesday 2/28/12 - 9:26:33 PM
wow, this Girl is a nut case, and what's up with her retarded friends covering for her? Wow, just wow.

I've been reading Penn Jillette's book "God, No", in one of the chapters he talks about how he doesn't have tattoos, but he likes tattoos, that it's a good way to express that you are in Atheist. But then he mention that back in the days tattoos actually meant something, and now they just mean that you've been to the mall.
Wednesday 2/29/12 - 10:20:22 AM
I think they still mean something to to some people. It's rather ignorant of him to make a blanket statement like that.
Wednesday 2/29/12 - 6:40:21 PM
First, that tattoo looks fake.
Second, if she really did that to herself, then she really IS insane...omg...
Thursday 3/1/12 - 3:07:40 AM
On Wednesday 2/29/12 - 10:20:22 AM VictoryRider wrote:
I think they still mean something to to some people. It's rather ignorant of him to make a blanket statement like that.

of course a lot still mean something, but think about it, a lot of people now a days get tattoos just to be cool, when later they just end up hating the tattoo, therefore the tattoo really just meant nothing, that's what Penn was talking about in his book, that's what he meant.
Friday 3/2/12 - 3:13:30 AM
the whole thing looks fake to me, but it's still pretty funny
Sunday 3/4/12 - 4:04:36 PM
As hilarious as this is, it's fake.
The names of the friends of the nutter are anagrams: Maria Giny is Imaginary, Carol Tifiling is Fictional Girl.
Thursday 3/29/12 - 10:05:14 AM
i typed out the youtube link and it was just adele rolling in the deep. lame.

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