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Best College Commercial Ever [Video]

15 comments 4.0 12,402 views 9 years ago in Funny
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Best College Commercial Ever [Video] - It's a snap at the Central Institute of Technology.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Saturday 2/25/12 - 11:51:08 AM
Creative ad for a college.
Saturday 2/25/12 - 1:54:44 PM
Saturday 2/25/12 - 6:26:27 PM
Put a warning on that sh*t.
Saturday 2/25/12 - 11:29:42 PM
I added an NSFW tag.
Sunday 2/26/12 - 3:31:52 PM

Because of your description, I really thought it was an ad. I'm sure other would have too. Seeing what develops in this case, it really did need something showing it wasn't a real ad.
Monday 2/27/12 - 12:02:23 AM
Why? That ruins part of the humor.
Monday 2/27/12 - 7:10:04 PM
On Monday 2/27/12 - 12:02:23 AM otto_ wrote:
Why? That ruins part of the humor.

Monday 2/27/12 - 7:28:10 PM
Some stuff on here is pretty awesome and yet innocent at the same time. Often, my kids will watch some of those with me. Granted, I usually watch the vids before letting my kids view them, but not every time. If they seem fine from the description (like this one) I usually have no problem letting them sit and watch with me if they want to. They weren't here for this one, but easily could have been.

I would think the same would be true for folks viewing these at work as well.

Anyway, if you want to remove the NSFW tag, then have at it. I'll delete all my posts here, and no one else checking this out will be the wiser.
Monday 2/27/12 - 7:51:14 PM
On the flip side, this whole conversation probably piques people's interest.
Tuesday 2/28/12 - 10:21:23 AM
Also, I want to apologize for the crassness of my first comment up there. There were a few days this past week that I was pretty crotchety. Now I'm feeling pretty bad about it.
Wednesday 2/29/12 - 6:45:00 PM
Friday 3/9/12 - 6:26:27 PM
Um. Wow. Just..yeah.

Disturbing, not quite funny.
Wednesday 4/4/12 - 5:17:11 PM
I started tearing at the end
Friday 4/6/12 - 3:54:40 PM
Well. That got dark rather quickly. I liked it though!
Saturday 4/7/12 - 2:48:08 PM
Wtf did I just watch?

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