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Twisted Paper Clip Art [Pics]

6 comments 3.6 31,396 views 10 years ago in Arts & Literature
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Check out the artist's blog, Bent Objects (link below) for more paperclip art.
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Twisted Paper Clip Art [Pics] - Artist Terry Border makes sick and twisted paperclip creations.
via Bent Objects

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Monday 2/20/12 - 1:30:00 PM
Photos from the artist's twisted collection.
Thursday 2/23/12 - 6:40:50 PM
I love the fourth one.
Friday 2/24/12 - 1:17:50 AM
Oh yeah, those are great!
Wednesday 2/29/12 - 9:17:28 PM
Was "twisted" a pun?
Wednesday 2/29/12 - 9:37:46 PM
On Wednesday 2/29/12 - 9:17:28 PM VictoryRider wrote:
Was "twisted" a pun?

Friday 3/9/12 - 6:20:23 PM
Aw I love these.

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