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What's Up [Video]

13 comments 4.0 3,924 views 9 years ago in Weird/Silly
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What's Up [Video] - This might put a smile on your face... or maybe it will haunt your nightmares.
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Sunday 2/12/12 - 3:09:34 PM
I watch this like everyday. It puts me in one of those "Hell yeah, I can handle the world like He-Man!" moods.
Friday 2/24/12 - 12:18:38 PM
I laughed at Prince Adam AOL IMing Man-At-Arms.
Friday 2/24/12 - 2:00:18 PM
Your magnificent eyes, dark emeralds aflame
Your silky bronzed hair, still perfect in rain
The way you walk, a light antelope in prance
So cheerful and happy, ever ready to dance
Your lithe Brazilian figure, I marvel through the days
... How beautiful you do become, in the wondrous sunshine rays
On those rare moments, when your eyes meet mine
I feel a warm pleasure and a chill down my spine
When I hear your sweet laughter, a melodious tune
I feel alive, full of joy; I could fly to the moon
I sit idly nigh always wishing you'd see
Perhaps even come and sit down next to me
I watch how you smile, and send jolts through my heart
Your sensual features a fine work of art
Sometimes I watch the evening's amber sun
And I calm myself down, from thoughts weighing a tonne
The soothing orange invigorates my mind
As do you, always so kind
Friday 2/24/12 - 2:49:42 PM
Someone in this thread is a faggot!
Friday 2/24/12 - 4:01:55 PM
I this
Friday 2/24/12 - 4:10:06 PM
LOL jk
Friday 2/24/12 - 7:15:08 PM
Oh my God, this is one of the best things ever.
Friday 2/24/12 - 10:43:58 PM
There's a 10 hour version of this. It's sweet.
Saturday 2/25/12 - 12:07:47 AM
OMG, lol.
Saturday 2/25/12 - 7:18:32 AM
I'm not sure how this is here in the Link Comments section, and not under the Links tab...but it's funny as hell.
Saturday 2/25/12 - 8:30:03 AM
This. Is. Awesome.
Saturday 2/25/12 - 6:59:50 PM
I think I've come back and watched this thing like 15 times today. I still laugh every time.
Saturday 2/25/12 - 8:28:31 PM
Here's a link to the full version...not the 10 hour one FC mentioned.

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