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Madonna Superbowl Halftime Show [Video]

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Madonna Superbowl Halftime Show [Video] - In case you missed it... also has Cee Lo Green, LMFAO, and MIA.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Sunday 2/5/12 - 11:35:03 PM
One of the better halftime shows in years.
Monday 2/6/12 - 4:06:30 PM
Apparently, someone flipped a bird during the performance. I really didn't notice, but read about it after I watched the link.

The last performance I saw was the Tom Petty one. From what I remember, that was pretty good too.
Monday 2/6/12 - 7:37:02 PM
It's the part with MIA rapping, at the end of her performance. Then they tried to blur it out but they were a moment too late.

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