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Clever Tampon Ad [Pic]

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Clever Tampon Ad [Pic] - Now it's safe to go in the water.

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Saturday 2/4/12 - 9:53:01 PM
Gotta love great ads.
Sunday 2/5/12 - 12:59:27 AM
That just really creeps me out for some reason.
Sunday 2/5/12 - 11:14:32 AM
On Sunday 2/5/12 - 12:59:27 AM Rag_Doll_ wrote:
That just really creeps me out for some reason.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water?

According to The Discovery Channel (so it must be true) sharks can smell a drop of blood from 1 kilometer away...
Sunday 2/5/12 - 11:57:59 AM
I think it's more the thought of period blood luring sharks.
Monday 2/6/12 - 3:14:39 PM
blood is blood
Tuesday 2/7/12 - 9:39:50 PM
On Monday 2/6/12 - 3:14:39 PM Guardian_E wrote:
blood is blood

I could tell you were a man before I even looked.
Thursday 2/23/12 - 6:47:57 PM
Friday 3/9/12 - 6:34:12 PM
Saturday 3/10/12 - 10:17:49 AM
not really that clever.

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