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American High School Students Know Nothing

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American High School Students Know Nothing - Wow. Has the education system really gotten this bad?
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Thursday 2/2/12 - 11:06:08 PM
I hope this isn't a fair representation of high school students in America.
Friday 2/3/12 - 12:44:52 PM
I knew about half of these and I was never in USA. Btw I never knew Canada was a state.
Sunday 2/5/12 - 12:48:48 PM
I knew it was bad, but DAMN. Yeah, I don't think I know anybody as stupid as these kids. Definitely not an accurate representation. I don't care if you got caught off your guard and outside the classroom, 52 STARS?! Are you f*cking kidding me?!
Friday 2/24/12 - 8:23:22 PM
Reminds me of teacher's week on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.

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