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Too Cool to Take the Stairs [Video]

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Too Cool to Take the Stairs [Video] - Guy fails at parkour.

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Thursday 2/2/12 - 10:58:00 PM
What did this guy think was going to happen?
Friday 2/3/12 - 5:36:46 PM
But not too cool for the ER.
Saturday 2/4/12 - 5:13:44 AM
This is a man with problems.
Sunday 2/5/12 - 9:04:31 AM
That must have hard SO bad.
Monday 2/6/12 - 5:21:43 PM
I wonder if the guy died from internal injury.
Monday 3/12/12 - 1:34:39 AM
What a f.cking moron. SERIOUSLY?!

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