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5-Year Old's Impressions of Logos [Video]

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5-Year Old's Impressions of Logos [Video] - Interesting to see which one the kid recognizes instantly.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Wednesday 2/1/12 - 10:05:21 PM
What a 5-year old has to say about a series of logos.
Thursday 2/2/12 - 3:07:45 PM
I think it would have been better if they truly were "first impressions". In reality, she knew several of those logos.

On the other hand, it may be hard to find a 5 year old in a first world country that isn't familiar with several of them.
Thursday 2/2/12 - 7:22:07 PM
The fact that a 5-year old instantly recognizes things like Starbucks (my guess her Mom gets coffee there) was interesting.
Thursday 3/8/12 - 8:23:15 AM
Our response from across the pond to Adam Ladd's brilliant video!

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