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S*** White Girls Say to Black Girls [Video]

6 comments 3.4 9,128 views 9 years ago in Funny
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S*** White Girls Say to Black Girls [Video] - Not to sound racist, but...
Video hosted on Youtube

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Wednesday 1/4/12 - 8:27:36 PM
My best friend was black.
Thursday 1/5/12 - 7:53:31 AM
saw this earlier
there's tons of "what's racist" talk in the comments on youtube, but i thought it was just a funny video
she's cute
Friday 1/6/12 - 6:42:48 AM
omg i loled
Friday 1/6/12 - 6:36:14 PM
I've totally thought "OMG you guy change your hair like whenever you feel like it" but I've never *said* it.
Friday 1/6/12 - 7:12:40 PM
thats only the blonde bimbos!!!!!! not all white chics
Tuesday 1/10/12 - 3:13:19 PM
Saw this on the Tosh blog. I thought it was mediocre funny

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