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Public iPod Dancing [Video]

11 comments 3.0 14,130 views 9 years ago in Funny
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Public iPod Dancing [Video] - Guy gets down to Christmas music in the mall.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Tuesday 12/6/11 - 11:56:32 PM
All I want for Christmas is you.
Friday 12/9/11 - 4:59:53 PM
The video's not working for me.
Monday 12/12/11 - 6:24:15 PM
It's working now...
Thursday 12/15/11 - 5:23:21 PM
He's a pretty impressive little dancer
Friday 12/16/11 - 4:44:34 PM
I love the spot at about 1:50 where a guy leaves him hanging on a high 5 and he kind of smacks at the guys head as he walks away.
Thursday 1/12/12 - 10:06:36 PM
It's weird because nobody can hear the music so people will just see him dance with no music.
Thursday 1/12/12 - 11:05:02 PM
please go on every video and explain them. please.
Friday 1/13/12 - 5:52:09 AM
This guy is a really terrible dancer.
I'm not sure if that makes the video better or worse.
Friday 1/13/12 - 3:11:37 PM
I want to punch this guy.
Saturday 1/14/12 - 4:36:47 PM
On Friday 1/13/12 - 3:11:37 PM slinky0 wrote:
I want to punch this guy.

Monday 3/12/12 - 1:39:50 AM
I think I would have tripped him.

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