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45 Most Powerful Images of 2011

10 comments 4.0 13,859 views 10 years ago in News & Politics
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45 Most Powerful Images of 2011
The most striking photos from the past year.
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Monday 12/5/11 - 1:50:10 AM
A look back on 2011.
Monday 12/5/11 - 10:54:14 AM
All of these are great, I love the kissing couple in the vancouver riot.
Monday 12/5/11 - 5:52:07 PM

Holy Mother of God.
Nature is just awesome.
Monday 12/5/11 - 9:06:12 PM
My favorite:

That woman seems to like what she sees.
Wednesday 12/7/11 - 4:53:22 AM
37 is hilarious.
And 25 is still my favourite photo ever.

Really amazing shots. Absolutely love it. 2011 has been pretty damn eventful.
Thursday 12/8/11 - 6:41:40 AM
this should include a disclaimer for women:

do not look at while PMSing
Thursday 12/8/11 - 11:01:39 PM
Oh wow, that suicide attempt...
Friday 12/9/11 - 11:39:52 AM
On Thursday 12/8/11 - 11:01:39 PM Kraken wrote:
Oh wow, that suicide attempt...

yeah that one was hard for me to look at honestly...

not sure why that one hit me so hard...I mean they were all heart wrenching in some way...but that one hit another chord.
Friday 12/9/11 - 5:03:55 PM
MY GOD! some of these images really are scary!
Monday 12/12/11 - 11:02:08 PM
My god... 30 absolutely broke my heart

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